The Mission

To inspire a sense of "community" by encouraging the residents of Fairfax to take pride in their neighborhood.
To educate the residents of Fairfax regarding resources available in their community, including: Faith-based programs Health care issues and available services Housing services and information Issues for senior citizens.
To encourage residents to participate in forming a future vision for the Fairfax neighborhood.
To participate in efforts to make Fairfax a neighborhood of choice and a possible tourist destination.

Goals and Objectives

To establish this program as the premier annual summer event in the Fairfax Community.
To build a unique and lasting partnership between the local business, local corporate leaders, local CDC, faith-based community, area schools, non-profit agencies and neighborhood residents.
To educate, inform and expand the knowledge base of the Fairfax community regarding assets, services and other related programs which will improve their quality of life.
To provide information about the various services and programs offered by the two premier medical facilities in the Fairfax and University Circle area.
To use this event as a catalyst to impact economic growth and development and to assist the CDC in generating economic development projects within the community.
To engage our area youth and young adults so that they can see themselves as stakeholders and contributors to the history and legacy of the Fairfax community.


Councilwoman Mamie J. Mitchell

Honorary Co-Chairs

PNC: Michael J. Taylor; Maria J. Thompson
Cleveland Clinic: Anthony Stallion, M.D.; Pamela M. Holmes
University Hospitals: Donnie Perkins; Frank Miller, Jr.
University Circle, Inc.: Chris Ronayne

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