Fairfax Facts

Facts about Fairfax

Back in 1927, Attorney Clayborne George was the first African American elected to represent the Fairfax Community. He served until 1933.

The Community of Fairfax got its name from Florence "Bundy" Fairfax. She was the Assistant Commissioner of the Cleveland Department of Recreation and the city named their Recreation Center after her.

William F. Boyd, Sr. Chairman of E. F. Boyd & Son Funeral Home, is the oldest living African American Funeral Director in America. E. 89th Street was recently dedicated as William F. Boyd Sr. Way. This area will be the site of the Fairfax Arts & Heritage Celebration on July 21.

Some other notable people to live in Fairfax include: legendary actor and writer Langston Hughes, singer and writer Bobby Womack, actor Terrance Howard, and track star Jesse Owens.

Join us on July 21 for the Fairfax Arts & Heritage Celebration to learn more.

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